Meeting Announcement

Hello everyone,

Thank you for your membership and interest in our Marine Corps League Detachment.

To make better use of our Detachment resources, we are changing the format of our announcements to a blog entry style with follow-up Detachment email.

For business meetings, rather than two (2) separate, personal emails for the meeting announcement and the prior meeting minutes, we put them both into this single blog entry. See a link below to view the prior meeting minutes that will be presented for adoption.

Details for our upcoming Sgt. I.W.Hatcher, Jr. Detachment #1120 meeting are as follows:

FORMAT: Business meeting.

DATE: Tuesday, February 19, 2019.

TIME: 6:30pm-7:30pm.

LOCATION: Clermont Firehouse Administration Building, 439 W. Hwy 50 (at 5th Street).

DRESS CODE: RED detachment polo shirt.

DRAFT MINUTES: Please click HERE to view prior meeting minutes to be presented for adoption.

FINAL MINUTES: Please view final adopted minutes HERE.

Friendship, fellowship, and fun are the goals of our Detachment … as well as our events. We welcome each of you to please attend and make it a special gathering. See you there next Tuesday.

Yours in service,

Rufino Garcia, Commandant Detachment #1120

Clermont Chief Bishop & Asst. McDuffee Awarded Membership

Tonight at the City of Clermont Council meeting Commandant Ray Taylor and Past Commandant Collin Cotterell awarded honorary associate memberships to Fire Chief Carle Bishop and Assistant Pamela McDuffee for their service to the detachment's Toys for Tots program.

Watch a video of the ceremony HERE for more details.

Chief Bishop also is allowing use of his department training center for our monthly business meetings.  Thank you Chief for all you and Ms. McDuffee do for us!

Recent Dinner Event Pictures

Enjoy pictures, courtesy of Flor Gomez, from the latest monthly group dinner event held this past Tuesday at Gator Docksides in Clermont.

Click HERE for our the FLIKR album of this event and all our past photos.

Diane Taylor hosts this event each month for members, family, and friends of detachment #1120.  If you are not on her invitation list and wish to be, please send an email to