Authentic Leadership Part 3

Please find below the next three keys to effective and authentic leadership.  Thank you, Sgt. Maj. Collin Cotterell, USMC (Ret), Detachment Commandant.

6.  Flexibility May Refer to Behavior, Not Values. 

Depending on circumstances you may choose a different style of leadership orcommunication. Flexibility is a truly effective trait, if it doesn't affect your values. Each and every decision of yours, no matter the situation, must be based on your value system. As long as your actions are value driven, you will have the trust and respect of people around you.

7.  Leadership Is All About People. 

Could you be a leader in an empty room by having profound goals and skills? Of course not.  Leading means communicating, influencing and engaging. Communication skills are foundation of effective leadership. Constantly improve your relationship with your team, and the amazing results won't make you wait. 

8.  It Is Fine To Admit To Mistake

If everything has always been done perfect, we would somehow lost the ability to analyze and improve, Mistakes are proof that you are doing something. You won't become a worse leader if you admit your mistakes. By doing that, you will show that you are wise enough to learn from each and every experience.