My fellow Marines, Associate Members, and friends of the South Lake Detachment are you an inspired leader?  Did you know there are eight (8) key leadership principles that every leader at every level should know?  Each month I will publish two (2) of these principles for everyone to read.  Thank you, Sgt. Maj. Collin Cotterell, USMC (Ret), Detachment Commandant.

Principle 7

Great leaders use their power by giving it to others. Effective leaders are a source of power and energy for people, teams, and the organization.  They encourage the heart.  They understand that power is not a zero­ sum game.  The more a leader empowers others, the stronger and more effective the leader and team become.

Principle 8

Effective leadership requires courage. Lots of courage. Courage comes from ''cor'' which is Latin word for heart. Courage means strength of heart.  It takes great courage­ that is, strength of heart ­to be a leader.