Delegation ... Another Tool in the Toolbox

Leaders accomplish much through delegation. We either delegate time or tasks to other people. If we delegate time, think efficiency. If we delegate tasks, think effectiveness.

Many people overlook delegation because it takes too much time or effort. Rather, they just do the job themselves. But delegating to others is perhaps the single most powerful high leverage activity there is. Transferring responsibility to other skilled, trained people enables you to give your energies to additional high leverage activities.

Delegation means growth, both for individuals and for organizations. The late J.C. Penney was quoted as saying that the wisest decision he ever made was to “let go” after realizing that he couldn’t do it all by himself any longer. That decision, made long ago, enabled the development and growth of hundreds of stores and thousands of people.

Because delegation involves people, it’s a public victory. The ability to delegate defines the role of a leader and independent producer. A leader does whatever is necessary to accomplish the desired results; to get to the golden eggs.

*******Stay tuned for part 2.

Collin A. Cotterell, Commandant